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Valued Workshops for Our Customers

In-person workshops are a thing of the past.  Time, Money, and Resources are used without a definite, profitable outcome.  The desired Social and Interactive composition of an in-person workshop IS feasible Online with Rockfish Learning Management

Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn Programs offer an excellent opportunity to encourage employees or applicants to eat lunch in a group setting while simultaneously utilizing that time to complete Employee Training , Seminars, and other Education.

Lunch and Learn Workshop
CT Online Workshops by Rockfish LM

Modivate Your Students for Performance

Rockfish Learning Management hosts and develops shorter duration series of learning experiences with a priority on the community of participants learning with and from each other.  A workshop is an online series of courses which seeks to delve into specific topics objectively and interactively.  The goal is for learners to learn in a quick and approachable way, optimizing productivity and knowledge intake.

Workshops contrast from typical courses as the focus is on cohort learning, job-embedded application and reflection, and peer discussion.  Hosted on a digital platform through Rockfish Learning Management, trained professionals are able to provide specific knowledge to their learners through a rich multimedia learning experience including, guided learning videos, engaging discussion, case studies, images, and infographics.

Workshops Require The Following Considerations for Development

Stormwater Training Workshop
  • Content planning – What content do you want to include?
  • Theme – Innovative idea that is relevant and stimulates interest
  • Expertise in topic – One or more subject matter experts to deliver a message
  • Niche –  Characteristics of your intended audience
  • Workshop objective – What is the goal?
  • Cost of Participation – Free or pre-paid?
  • Length of Time – 30 minute workshop weekly for 1 month?  You decide
  • Certificate of Completion – A congratulations and recognition to your participants

Content Development Solutions 

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