What Makes an Online Course Credible?

Online Course Development in Connecticut

Where is the content coming from?  

The client is always in charge of their eLearning course.  They seek us out to create a course to fulfill their educational needs and we walk them through the process utilizing their information.  The first step of RockfishLM is to Analyze client needs and discuss learning objectives, desired course content, and other pertinent information.  The client holds the reigns of what is included in the course.

Does This Fit The Educational Objectives Required?

As mentioned above, the content of a RockfishLM eLearning Course always comes directly from the client as well as resources that they deem credible and reliable.  The client provides student objectives they require to be addressed and a course outline is created.  The outline clearly states the objectives and then uses the information previously provided by the client to answer each objective.  Lastly, the client is required to approve the course outline prior to moving forward in the course creation process.

What gives an online company the authority to create content? 

First and foremost, the “authority” for the content comes from the client.  In addition, RockfishLM has Instructional Designers (also referred to as Education Consultants or Teaching Consultants) and a variety of Subject Matter Experts on staff to assist with course creation.  Depending on the client requests and course requirements, we may involve one or all of these parties to be involved in the design and development of the course.

eLearning and Online Courses improve grades

Anticipate The Benefits of an Education Consultant (or Instructional Designer)

At RockfishLM, we call our Education Consultants, “Instructional Designers”.  However, the terms can be used interchangeably.   The purpose of this team member is to support and promote teaching and learning effectiveness by advancing best practices in all aspects of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.  Instructional Designers are the ‘architects’ of the learning experience and the ‘directors’ of the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) process; creating and delivering learning products for business, K-12, higher education, government organizations, etc.

Instructional Designers collaborate with clients to develop and enhance the learning experience while ensuring the learning objectives are met, the testing is usable and reflective of objectives, and the client is happy with the course presentation. 

Subject Matter Experts

Rockfish employs, and/or has access to, Subject Matter Experts which can be utilized in course creation by client request.  Depending on your industry, we may have a Subject Matter Expert to include in your course creation process.  For example, Rockfish has extensive access to Subject Matter Experts in the Environmental Industry through our sister company, StormwaterONE.com.  We also have a Nurse Consultant on staff and ready to assist with projects in the healthcare industry.  When you reach out to us to inquire about course creation, be sure to ask us about our Subject Matter Experts and how they can assist with your project!

The Future of Education

According to the World Economic Forum, the growth of online education has not been without challenges. Since beginning in the 1960s, online education has been criticized for lack of quality control, and deficiency of high-quality teachers.  However, as you’ve read in this post, RockfishLM defies these concerns.  By utilizing the ADDIE Model of Instructional Design we are able to ensure quality through Analyzing client needs and requirements, Designing their desired course, Developing the Course, Implementing the Course, and then Evaluating the course by user rating and internal evaluation.  The ADDIE Model brings a straightforward and no confusion approach to course creation.  In summary, RockfishLM ensures Quality products created by Quality team members utilizing a Quality, predictable process.

We Are Ready For You!

Rockfish Learning Management

Rockfish Learning Management is staffed with a team ready to bring your curriculum to the next level with eLearning courses.  You, as the client, control exactly what is in your course and how it is presented.  Additionally, by utilizing the ADDIE Model of Instructional Design, results will be exactly as expected, unwavering from your requirements and requests. 

We have the team you need to deliver your educational solution.  Contact us today!