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Technical Skills Training by Rockfish Learning Management

Invest in Employee Expertise

Technical Skills are the Expertise and Competence that are required to perform specific digital or physical tasks.  These tasks are performed daily by your staff and rely on different tools and processes.  It is up to the employer to ensure staff have the appropriate technical skills needed to perform their jobs successfully.  Benefits of Technical Skill Trainings include Growth Facilitation, Accelerated Company Achievements, Confident and Efficient Employees, and Increased Customer Satisfaction. 

Manufacturing is one of the industries that has been hit the hardest by skill shortage.

It’s facing a deficit that’s expected to reach 7.9 million by 2030 – Linkedin

There’s a Technical Skill Shortage

Stay Relevant by Upskilling Your Staff 

There is no doubt there is a very prominent Skills Gap in Technical Skill Expertise.  Technical Knowledge is now learned “on the job” versus in prior education.  Determining the knowledge gaps of the internal workforce and developing a skilled labor force is often a time consuming and costly endeavor.  Identifying Knowledge and Performance Gaps and Developing Training Solutions are a necessity for the Safety, Efficacy, and Productivity of your organization. 

Why Employee Skills Training Matters

Traditionally, candidates were hired based on their educational background and work experience. Today, the rapid development of technology has significantly decreased the shelf life of formal education and changed hiring requirements. Even tech giants like IBM, Google, and Apple no longer require a college degree to recruit.

Employers are now looking for candidates with solid technical skills, which will nonetheless need to be fine-tuned frequently to keep up with technological advances. Soft skills like creativity, adaptability, problem-solving, and critical thinking are also becoming increasingly desirable, if not imperative.

New technologies keep invading most industries, transforming work processes and consumer expectations. The window of opportunity is closing. Companies need to start upskilling their staff now, so they’re still relevant tomorrow.

Source: eLearning Industry

Enhance, Expand, and Empower with Rockfish Learning Management

Rockfish LM will help you to Determine your Performance Gaps and will create Customizable and Interactive programs aimed at producing a more Efficient and Economical workplace.  We will help you to Enhance your Technical and Troubleshooting Skills, Expand your Technical Knowledge, and Empower Confidence and Capability in your Team.

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