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Sales Enablement in CT

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is a strategic and cross-functional discipline which provides resources needed in order to increase sales results and productivity.  It is an absolute essential component to any sales team.

In order to develop a Sales Enablement Training Solution tailored to your needs, Rockfish Learning Management first analyzes your company vision in accordance with values, sales goals, product or service, and expectations for the customer buying journey.  Past practice and desired enhancements to company culture and sales initiatives are also discussed.

 Standard Experience, Expectations, and Available Consumer Options should be understood prior to initial client engagement. Including Customer Relations in Sales Enablement training will bring your sales team to the Next Level

Learn How To Effectively Deliver Sales Enablement to Your Team!

Rockfish Learning Management is available for consultation to bring your sales team to the next level.  We use the ADDIE Model of Instructional Design as a proven process for Delivery an Effective Training Program to You and Your Employees

Pillars of Sales Enablement

Structure and Collaboration

Onboarding: A new hire needs to learn and adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs quickly and smoothly.  In the first 30-90 days they must be instilled in the team culture, vision, and mission.

Strategic Alignment: Does everyone know the strategy? Is everyone confident in the strategy

Growth Strategy

Regular Instructional Sessions: Continued Training and Coaching to parallel the evolving product and the evolving consumer.

Internal Compliance Presentations: Keep your team in compliance by continuously educating them on their expectations.  Rules and regulations evolve, just like everything else.

Guided Content

Get it Right:  Organize Content so that the right content is delivered in the right format at the right stage with the right tool at the right time.

Utilize Assets: Sales enablement is powered by technology.  Create sales “playbooks” which include videos, websites, training modules, ect.  This will enhance the visual delivery of the product as well as the ease of access.

Communication and Feedback

Pre-sales Prospect Engagement: Ongoing communication between business prospect and sales representative is a driving factor in deal completion.  Remember that closing business is a marathon and not a sprint.  The relationship will move forward with continued engagement. Make sure to have the appropriate communication tools in your quiver to continue to move prospects through the sales funnel.

Post-sale Communication:  Stay connected to your customers with insider tips, sneak previews, and just simple routine check-ins.  Your customers will feel a part of the family and will stay loyal to you with future business.

 Internal Communication: Daily communications are essential to team development and success; helping them to learn, improve, and close more business.  Team Collaboration should be a daily endeavor, creating Tribal Knowledge, Loyalty, and Resiliency.

Analytics & Measurement

Sales Analytics Strategy: Monitoring sales metrics helps to increase performance, optimize sales activities, and improve accountability.  It provides the sales team with focus and clarity in their role.

Ongoing Operations

Transformation Initiative: Create clear improvement plans which may include a change in management strategy, a tool adjustment, content update, etc.

Always move forward.  Sales enablement is an ongoing process that is tied to long-term strategy and success.

80% of Customers Say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.  67% of Customers are willing to pay more for a great experience. 

(State of the Connected Customer 2018, Salesforce)