Removing the Negative Stigma Around Compliance Training

Remove the Negative Stigma of Compliance

“This is boring.” “What’s the point?” “A waste of time..”

Have you heard these comments before?  Compliance Training has a “check the box” stigma.  It’s often not enjoyed, employees fail to appreciate it, and often they do not bring what they’ve learned to practice in their positions.  Removing the Stigma around Compliance Training may be a challenge, but it’s well worth the investment!

Understanding the Costs of Compliance and Non-Compliance

So what are the True Costs of Compliance and Non-Compliance?

Simple.  The cost of non-compliance may include fines, reputational damage, increased employee turnover, decrease in performance and productivity, damage to employee morale, ….

Compliance exists for a reason and that sole reason is to make a company, its community, and its environment THRIVE.  There are many types of compliance categories including:

  • Government-imposed Compliance Standards (Legal and Regulatory)
  • Compliance with Industry Standards and Codes of Practice
  • Compliance with External Client Specifications, Contract, etc.
  • Compliance with Licensing, Permits, Accreditation, or Certifications
  • Various levels of floor-level compliance in every business

Which is the priority? COMPLIANCE, as a whole

Making Compliance Training a Priority

Make Compliance A Priority

The attempt to check every box becomes daunting.  And that means the training is menial, the tribal perspective is inessential, and the content is disregarded.

How to make Compliance a Priority?

1. Create a Compliance Framework which includes every aspect of compliance

  • One process is easier to monitor than five.
  • It’s easier to adjust a framework as conditions change rather than adjust everything individually.

2. Create a Company Culture dedicated to Success

  • A product or service is secondary to the commitment and vision of a company.
  • Internal Compliance ensures a lack of operational errors.

Modern Compliance

Create your Compliance Training so that it is acknowledged and appreciated.  Help your company operations run smoothly.  Increase understanding, productivity, and profit.

The following improvements will get you there:

  1. Motivate – Personalize the message to feel beneficial to all.
  2. Create – Customize an easy-to-use Learning Management System for your team.
  3. Engage – Demonstrate “bite-sized” applications to individual roles for everyday business.
  4. Enforce – Make expectations well-known and illustrate consequences for insubordination.

Compliance in the workplace ultimately brings success.  Change your attitude and your company culture to value what compliance brings to the table.  Rockfish Learning Management has extensive experience in creating and consulting compliance trainings in a variety of focus areas.