Life’s Opportunities

Opportunities for Connecticut Business

Life continuously presents many Opportunities, but fruition only occurs when there is a positive response.  If we can open our eyes to the many shapes and sizes of opportunity, we will reap the benefits they so often provide

How is Your Business Doing 

Covid 19 opportunities


Right now, there are thousands of companies failing.  And it is not necessarily their fault.  Or is it?  Opportunity is a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something.  If your circumstances change, i.e. with the COVID-19 Crisis, you may not have access to the dynamics that once made your company thrive.  The choice is yours: Fail or Adapt.  Rockfish Learning Management is a CT eLearning Company that promotes adapting to this new world by responding positively to changes as they present themselves.

Make New Connections

New Business Opportunities

Have a Conversation

By being open to conversation with new people, you have automatically opened yourself to opportunity.  You may learn something new increasing your knowledge base.  You may make a new friend.  You may make a connection for future business.  Or you may just have a short, boring conversation with someone you hope to never see again.  [But hey, at least you have a story to tell!]  Opening yourself up to the people around you is the first step in taking advantage of opportunity.

Always Promote Positivity

Attitude is everything.  It can either welcome opportunity or push it away.  Keeping an Open and Positive attitude will welcome opportunity, attracting it to you, and Responding with positivity will then welcome a positive result.

Say Yes When a New Opportunity Presents Itself

If you are presented with an opportunity that is safe, morally correct, and positive, Take It!! [Please Note: I am not advising taking leaps of faith where there are potential negative consequences.]  When you are invited to try something new and different, try it.  When there are only positive outcomes on your decision-making tree, go for it.  When you are given new concepts for success, make it happen.  Say Yes!



Rockfish Learning Management is Founded on the Idea that Anything is Possible

Andrew Demers Rockfish Learning Management

Founder and President Andrew Demers
Andrew  is a true positive responder of life’s opportunities.  He continuously opens himself up to meeting new people and experiencing new things.  It is this lifestyle that caused him to recognize the needs of the professionals he met outside his workplace.  These needs all revolve around opportunity seeking – opportunity to solve problems, opportunity to enhance knowledge, and opportunity for counsel.


By being open to conversation, these needs were heard by Andrew, and Rockfish Learning Management was born.  Rockfish Learning Management Provides and Responds to Opportunity with a Positive, Willing, and Collaborative approach rooted in the attitude and lifestyle of its founder, Andrew Demers

Have a Conversation ~ Be Positive ~ Say Yes ~ Find Success ~  Andrew Demers