Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness in Connecticut

Mental health is rarely discussed at work, but it is one of the most important aspects!  May is Mental Health Awareness Month and provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on your Team Psyche.

Success in the workplace occurs when motivation, engagement, and communication are fostered.  If a person does not feel able to speak out about personal concerns or ethical violations, how much does that contribute to their engagement and wellbeing?  And how does that effect the overall success of the company?

Make Mental Health a Priority in the workplace

What’s your Company’s Culture?

The mental health of your team is highly dependent on your company culture.  Culture is all about the perception and attitude of the involved community. What are your employees’ perception of their roles within the company?  If there is a poor perception, there is a poor attitude.  And with poor attitude comes stress, lack of engagement, and lack of commitment.

Grow your culture:

Support professional growth

Value hard work

Care about personal wellbeing

Encourage reporting of unethical behaviors

Foster two-way communication

Communication Style

Managerial style will affect the culture and climate of your company.  The way that information is exchanged and how employees receive support will affect their motivation, role confidence, and pride.  Open communication leads to a general feeling of safety and higher levels of engagement and productivity.   Open communication will directly lead to positive company culture, which all team members will benefit from.

Open your Communication:

Allow employees to take part in Decision Making

Encourage and Value feedback 

Provide Support and Guidance with Regular Check-Ins

Remain Objective when dealing with conflict (Be Fair!)



Rockfish eLearning Services in CT

Make Mental Health a Priority in your Workplace

Open Communication across your workplace and Grow the Culture.  The most effective way to get your message across to your team is to create a Team Culture training.  Rockfish Learning Management will create Custom eLearning Solutions and Including Online Employee Training Courses that are time efficient, cost-effective, and proven to increase employee engagement and productivity.