Lunch and Learn Workshop

What is a Lunch and Learn?

A lunch and learn program is an opportunity to acquire knowledge while enjoying a noontime meal at work. These lunchtime learning sessions can come in many styles and offer substantial potential for employee training, development and team-building. Lunch and Learns also create an opportunity for your team to meet with one another face-to-face to discuss work related issues. 

An Alternative Type of Workshop with Participation Incentives 

A traditional Lunch & Learn is an informal training, development, or sales event in which, as an incentive for guest or client time and participation, lunch is provided.  They offer a sociable, collaborative alternative to traditional trainings, meetings, and seminars.

Are You Achieving the Results you Anticipated?

Traditional Lunch & Learns are an inefficient use of time and resources.  You’re paying mileage for your sales rep or team leader to drive to a location.  You’re paying the cost of lunch.  Your employees’ time is utilized for preparing, delivering, and socializing.  The outcome is never worth the effort.

Why isn’t it working?   

The attendees have no influence on the key decision makers!  You are only providing lunch and technical information to gatekeepers and/or support staff.  The men and women who you hope will be pulling the trigger on your product aren’t attracted to the time constraints your Lunch & Learn would put on them. 

How we can Help

Lunch and Learns are a staple means to convey technical information about your product.  In addition, a Digital Lunch & Learn has been proven to be more consistent in messaging, more cost and time efficient, and has proven to provide explicit Delivery of a complete process.  Rockfish Learning Management will guide you through the Process of a Successful Digital Event and will Create a Workshop

Digital Lunch & Learn Process Delivery



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