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Leadership Training

Leadership Development

The average organization forfeits over $1 million per year in untapped potential. (LinkedIn Learning)  Less-than-optimal leadership practices may impact team productivity by up to 50%. (LinkedIn Learning)

 The purpose of Leadership Training is to hone in on skills needed to think strategically, navigate the unknown effectively, and to constructively manage and influence employees.  A leader should be Adaptive, Persistent, Accountable, and Transparent to effectively culminate Sustainable Success in your Organization.

The Challenges You Face 

 Hierarchy collaboration and support, Inconsistent Buy-In, Maintaining Resiliency, and Retaining Top Talent are just a few of the challenges of building better leaders for your organization.   Additionally, management of the needs of a multigenerational workforce, determination of future workforce needs, and the balance of long term and short term business requirements.  The burdens of leadership development continue with lack of Formal Structure, Size of Budget, Time Constraints, and Lack of Accountability for New Skill Application.

In conclusion, there is A LOT that goes into Leadership Development.  But, there is good news! The challenges are not mutually exclusive!  By strategically focusing on and overcoming one challenge, you will also be able to alleviate other challenges.

We’ve Got The Perfect Solution 

Rockfish Learning Management will help you to Define Leadership Development Challenges in your organization and will create a Solution tailored to your needs.  The ultimate goal of our Solution For You is to create a Domino Effect of knocking down your vast pyramid of challenges.  Starting at the top with your most taxing concerns, we will inevitably help you to solve all those that follow.

For example, by teaching the ability to bridge the gap between senior management and the front line, your future leaders also learn the art of collaboration, how to lead across organizational or geographical boundaries, and how to build a network of support in order to continue development.

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The Inspiration and Development

Mentoring and Coaching to increase Employee Engagement and Productivity.  Real-Time Feedback, Motivation, and Guidance are important for employee success.  Additional Skill Building may include Time-management, Prioritization, Strategic Thinking, Decision-Making, etc.


Thinking and Acting Systematically for Team Optimal Team Performance and Success.  A Leader should be Accountable for Positive and Negative Team Outcomes.  

Change Management

Managing, Mobilizing, Understanding, and Leading Change.  Teach your Leader to Capitalize on Transitional Times to Improve Performance and Proactively Overcome Resistance and Obstacles. 

Influence and Negotiation 

Inspire, Persuade, and Encourage others to make The Company Vision a Reality.  Have a Strong Influence, Build Relationships, Align Priorities, Negotiate Fairly, and Find Solutions to Deliver Effective Results. 


Managing and Optimizing Relationships, Politics, and Image to be Relevant and Useful.  Communication can be done through one-on-one conversations, large presentations, phone calls, text messages, video conferencing, emails, etc. 

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