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We are Instructional Designers

We are a team of Instructional Designers and Learning Strategists with a passion for creating highly engaging Interactive Learning Experiences.

For well over a decade Rockfish Learning Management has worked with Connecticut Businesses of all sizes to create Online Learning Solutions that solve the most challenging problems.  

Our Innovative Instructional Design Services are sure to impress you! 

LMS System
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What is Instructional Design?

Instructional Design is a Systematic Process found to be extremely useful in Strategic Content Development Projects.  By focusing on branding, messaging, and consumer engagement, it is especially successful in content marketing. 

Rockfish Learning Management focuses on effective learning experiences for your target audience.  Examples include: 

Hosting Your Instructional Solution on an LMS Platform

LMS System

As Industry Experts, we have found that hosting content on a Learning Management System (otherwise known as an LMS) is the most successful route to effective implementation.

We Design, Develop and Deliver Custom Instructional Solutions utilizing Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, or straight HTML/HTML5 ready to be Delivered on a variety of devices and platforms. Rockfish Learning Management provides both a Branded Learning Management System and Administrative Support as needed.eLearning

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Digital Media Solutions

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