Invest In Employee Onboarding Today!

Effective Onboarding Increases Employee Engagement by more than 20%

Employee Onboarding in CT

Make a Good First Impression 

Employee Onboarding is the most critical factor in the future of the new hires within your company.  Onboarding is the first impression of an organization as a whole and sets the stage for success by engaging and exciting employees in company culture, brand, and mission.

Inadequate Motivation, Poor Productivity, Preventable Mistakes, and, Ultimately, High Employee Attrition and Turnover are all direct results of Ineffective Employee Onboarding

“88% of Organizations do NOT onboard well” [according to their employees]. (Gallup)

Key Components to Successful Employee Onboarding 

Clear Learning Objectives and Timeline

Show them up front you are invested in their personal growth and exactly what that means

Company Culture

Unique aspects of the organization’s culture that will make them feel welcomed and excited


The “Why you do what you do”.  The mission lays out goals for the company customers, employees, and owners

Brand Training

Help them to find Identity in the brand. 

Key Job Knowledge

Practical job training (include personal stories to catch more interest)


Make it comprehensive and engaging; not just filling out paperwork

Compliance Training

Expectations in accordance with the company policy and procedure and applicable laws


How you will measure the success of your onboarding program

Here’s How Onboarding is Impacting Business:

Employee Onboarding in CT

Only 12 percent of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job of onboarding (Gallup)

Up to 20 percent of turnover happens within the first 45 days (O.C Tanner)

Ten times as many people quit at their first work year anniversary vs. the five year mark (O.C Tanner)