Does Your Sales Team Have the Tools To Succeed?

Tools to Support the Sales Process

One in three sales lost today is due to a lack of sales preparation (according to a study by the International Data Corporation [IDC])  This means that one third of sales and marketing expenses, one third of productivity, and one third of potential revenue are all lost from your company.

This is the problem.  Sales Enablement is the solution.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a big word with big meaning.  Simply put, it is a process of providing a business with resources they may need to increase their sales results and productivity.  But that’s not all!  As defined by CSO Insights, it’s “a strategic and cross-functional discipline” which provides integrated content, training, tools, knowledge, etc. which are needed to effectively sell a product or service.  Sales enablement supports, not only the sales team, but the customer’s buying journey, from beginning to end.

Tools to Support the Sales Process

Any technology that supports a more effective and efficient sales process is considered a Sales Enablement Tool.  Brainshark does an amazing job discussing types of sales enablement tools and why and how they help sales teams to achieve their corporate objectives.

Sales Content Management

According to Content Curation 74 percent of companies say that content marketing increases their lead quality and quantity. By effectively managing content, sales reps are better able to leverage it.  Sales content management involves finding, organizing, and promoting the right sales assets.

Assets may include product information, messaging guidelines, customer success stories, etc.  Identifying which content works best for a given situation and tracking how clients [and prospective clients] engage with that content will create a more efficient and effective sales process.

Video Coaching and Practice

This tool helps to assess the sales reps’ readiness prior to engaging a client.  Practice with video coaching can address speaking rate, coverage of key topics and phrases, and emotions exhibited by the seller.

Video Coaching gives managing parties the ability to provide scalable feedback and validates whether the seller is fully equipped to apply what they’ve learned to real life clients.

Sales Engagement

Sales Engagement is all about managing, measuring, and optimizing how sellers interact with buyers. By streamlining communication methods with prospective clients and finding which outreach methods are most effective, your sales team will have more efficient and effective success in pulling buyers in.

Sales Intelligence 

According to SalesHub, only 13% of customers believe sales reps understand their needs. 

Sales intelligence brings contextual insight into a prospective client or current customer’s business by finding and tracking data like company size, reporting structure, and purchase history.   Sales intelligence helps to identify leads and target buyers, gain a better understanding of what they care about, and learn right timing for initial engagement. 

Account and Opportunity Planning

Account planning technology brings structure around the planning process and lays out a road map for the sales rep.  Account planning technology will also assist in creating strategy and finding high-potential revenue opportunities.

Customer Relationship Management

Management and organization of client relationships and interactions are considered a key component of Sales Enablement.  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) may include measuring key customer data and sales and campaign planning and execution.  By creating in depth customer profiles your team is better able to visualize methods of customer retention.

Sales Management

These tools we’ve discussed will not be successful without leaders managing, tracking, and directing their teams.  Sales Management allows leaders to monitor and track the entire sales process including individual rep and team performance, quarterly sales performance, and recommended actions around specific sales opportunities.

How do you Effectively Deliver Sales Enablement to your Team?

Rockfish Learning Management designs, develops, and delivers sales enablement training that will bring your sales team to the next level. for your team.  We use the Addie Model of Instructional Design as a proven process for a successful product.

What are you looking to accomplish?
What content do you need to share with your team?
What tools would you like to include in your Sales Enablement process?

Rockfish Learning Management assists you in choosing the most fitting learning management platform and will custom design training suited to your company’s culture, vision, and mission.

We create your sales enablement solution and, once complete, deliver to you for final review and approval.

Your project is launched and your team begins an educational journey which you hand-picked for them.

We collect feedback from your learners and facilitators to ensure your training solution is meeting your objectives and evolving with your needs.