Why Compliance Training Matters

The Compliance Training Topics you are ignoring today will have Catastrophic Impacts tomorrow

Compliance Training

Compliance Training

Compliance Training is designed to inform employees of an organization’s regulations, policies, or adherence to laws.  For instance compliance requirements within every organization include codes of practice, ethical expectations, and accreditation compliance.  Compliance Training is usually industry-specific, time-sensitive, and may be included as a part of employee onboarding or as an annual requirement. 

Often Compliance Training is mandatory in order to protect an organization’s values, policies, safety, and commitment to the law.

Proactive Compliance should be part of your company’s vision. Your employees are working hard to grow the business and Compliance keeps the benefits of that hard work.

The Cost of Compliance GRaphic

 A Good Reputation is Good for the Bottom Line 

Did you know?!

Just one negative article can cost you 22 percent of business.

Proactively investing in compliance training will not only avoid public scandal and embarrassement, it will also help to draw in like-minded clients. By being vocal about your commitment to compliance and compliance training, you will let the world know that you are proud to have standards.  Post it on your website, include it in your marketing materials!  When you have standards, you attract others with standards, and with standards comes success.

A bad reputation can cost you at least 10 percent more per hire. And that’s if you even get the desired talent in the door!

Keeping your company on the ball when it comes to being compliant will boost brand reputation, not only with clients and investors, but also with your employees—and potential employees, too.  Now, more than ever, the majority of the working population are sizing up organizations with regard to how their values match up with their own ethics.  When prospective (and current) employees find a good fit for their values, they are more engaged and willing to work harder.

A Safe Workplace Increases Productivity and Profit

Statistics show companies with effective health and safety compliance training can cut their illness and injury rate up to 40 percent.

Safety increases and expenses decrease because there is a focus on reducing errors that lead to accidents.  Safe working conditions go hand-in-hand with ideal operational conditions.   Employees are able to focus on effectively completing their tasks rather than focusing on avoidable safety hazards.  With a safe workplace, engagement, productivity, and profitability all rise.

Fully Customizable Compliance Training to Meet Your Needs 

Many times, compliance language is not easy to understand.  This is why it is important to create training that will ensure employees understand, agree, and will act in accordance in their job functions.   

Rockfish Learning Management creates  Compliance Training specifically targeting the learners’ full understanding which culminates Real  Behavior Change.    Our Interactive Training Programs are always delivered on a an Easy-to-Use Learning Management System.  We will help you to reduce the risks and expenses that go along with unethical, illegal, or irresponsible employee activities in the workplace. Let Us Help You Find the Workplace Training that Fits Your Needs.   Contact Us Today!

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