Boost Your Reputation with Brand Training

Brand Training by Rockfish

Branding is Your Promise, We Help Companies Keep That Promise

Most people think of branding as a Company’s Logo, Business Cards, and  Website. But a brand is so much more than Graphic Design. In today’s saturated digital market, branding has become a business strategy that ensures YOU, Your Products and Your Services stand out from the crowd.

At Rockfish LM, we help Connecticut Companies navigate through the entire branding process. From how companies choose their brands, to measuring their effectiveness, and strategies needed for continued successful branding.

Gallup Poll found that 41% of Employees don’t know what their Company’s Branding really is

5 Key Elements of Effective Brand Training


The Brand Identity combines your Business Personality, your Promise to your Customers, and your Core Values.  Who are you as a company?   What is your Vision?  What do you want people to feel when they think about your company?


The overall Mission of your company.   What is your goal and how do you plan to get there?  Include your Key Market, Product or Service, and the Distinctive Characteristics of what you offer.


Competitive Analysis

Knowledge of your Direct Competitors allows you to learn from them, differentiate from them, and assess your own strengths and weaknesses.  As a result, strategies will be formed to provide you with a distinct advantage.

Value Proposition

The Persuasive Points you utilize to Attract Clients to learn more about your products and services.  The Value Proposition may include product benefits and customer experience.  It paints a clear picture of what your brand has to offer.

Design Element

The Theme of your Brand should be Consistent across all Design Areas.  Color Palettes, Graphics, Logo Design,  etc.  should all have the same Look and Feel for Optimal Brand Recognition.