About The Name Rockfish

The name Rockfish is derived from the generalized species of fish that use the ocean’s hard structures to protect themselves and sustain life.  Rockfish are known for their diversity, efficiency, and resiliency.  Being a family company which loves the ocean, and the defining characteristics of the Rockfish, the name Rockfish Learning Management was born.

Andrew Demers Rockfish

How We Started

Owner and President, Andrew Demers, values accessible, innovative, and quality education.  He began creating online training solutions in the Stormwater Industry with StormwaterONE.com

Curriculum creation under the environmental umbrella was becoming so vast that it quickly became apparent a sister company was needed.  Rockfish Learning Management was created to encompass all industries in developing training solutions.

We Design, Develop and Deliver!

Rockfish Learning Management LLC specializes in the Design, Development, and Delivery of educational solutions for public and private entities.  Our team has decades of practical experience formulating comprehensive instructional solutions across a multitude of industries.

In today’s fast-paced world we understand the learning requirements of busy professionals.  We work with our clients to develop measurable training solutions to achieve a predefined matrix of success.

 Our Design Process



The Analysis Phase begins with a collaborative meeting between your Project Stakeholders and our Instructional Designers. The intention of this meeting is to clarify and define all aspects of the educational challenge at hand, as well as define the desired behavioral change of the learner population. 

In order to develop a practical training solution, we will discuss what has worked to date, assets to leverage, timelines, and resources available. 

After this discussion, Rockfish Learning Management will create and deliver a Gap Analysis with recommendations to achieve the defined parameter of success. 


The Design Phase solidifies the best training solution based on available time and resources.  It is during this phase that we formulate the overall structure of our training solution.  Our proven curriculum structure includes Learning Objectives, Content, and Evaluation. 

Many of the elements to be leveraged within your custom training solution may be repurposed materials and content from your organization’s sales, marketing, and training initiatives. 

As a part of the design process, we will create a “roadmap” of the Learner’s journey, from start to finish.  This includes marketing strategy, enrollment process, prerequisites, training content, media interactions, training modalities like interactive eLearning modules and Instructor Led elements, testing structure, administrative support, certificates of completion, and post instructional follow up.  

At the completion of this phase Rockfish Learning Management will provide a Scope of Work for our project and together we will begin assembling our assets to begin the next phase.  


The Development Phase is where we, Rockfish Learning Management, develop your solution.  

The Rockfish Learning Management Team is now busy shooting and editing video, creating graphics, programming your interactive eLearning course, recording audio files, assembling and attaching resources, branding your Learning Management System, creating exam pools, and much more. 

Our Instructional Development Team is comprised of creative professionals with decades of experience in various creative applications and disciplines. 

Take a look at our samples of work.  As you do, consider the attention to detail and passion it takes to create and host a high caliber training solution. 

At the completion of this phase, Rockfish Learning Management will perform a final Quality Assurance evaluation and will submit your training solution to you for final review and approval. 


The Implementation Phase consists of programming and launching the courseware on its respective platform, as well as, training the facilitators. 

The curriculum elements are typically hosted in a Learning Management System (LMS).  Learning Management Systems are online universities used to document the educational activities of users.  The LMS is a platform independent of a website. 

Regardless of your hosting method, the training solution will be launched and tested according to the agreed upon Scope of Work.  This may include testing the marketing solutions, creating enrollment codes, validating checkout processes, etc. 


Rockfish Learning Management is committed to ensuring project success by creating a feedback loop for your training solution.  

Collecting feedback from learners and facilitators ensures that your training solution is meeting your objectives and evolving with your needs.  We receive feedback by collecting survey responses from learners, as well as documenting feedback from your facilitators.  

All evaluation contributions are discussed by the Collaborative Team and matters of concern are addressed as needed. 

Let’s talk about what Rockfish can do for you!